My name is Evan Blum, I am a graduating senior at Muhlenberg College. As an undergrad I am studying Business Administration, with a concentration in management and Jewish Studies. The courses I have taken at Muhlenberg College, experience as a junior property manager at S.W. Management, exterminator at First Rate Solutions, and as Brotherhood Development Director serving as a member of the executive board of The Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity Alpha Nu Chapter have prepared me to enter the workforce. These significant opportunities allowed me to gain valuable experience and develop vital skills that will come to benefit me greatly in the workplace. Post graduation, I will be joining the S.W. Management team full time.

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Place of Residence: New Rochelle, NY

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I am looking for a challenge, where I can grow, learn, and use my intellect. While loving every second of it, continuously striving for success and interacting with new perspectives and gaining new levels of understanding.