S.W. Management Intern

From 2015 and 2017-2018, I had the opportunity to intern for the real-estate firm S.W. Management. As part of my role:

  • Managed building superintendents and operations including General Construction, Renovation, Extermination, Plumbing, etc.
  • Creating and organizing work orders.
  • Inputting invoices into a specialized computer program.
  • Reviewing the rent in arrears statements.
  • Dealing with various aspects of tenant, management relations.


Exterminator Technician

In 2016, I had a chance to work for an extermination company First Rate Solutions, as part of my role:

  • Performing various extermination practices, such as administering different poisons and preparing and setting various kinds of traps.
  • Extermination consultation- ¬†Advising customers on possible extermination methods and solutions.